Large kitchen equipment installation and maintenance from Rovaniemi

Large kitchen equipment with installation based on solid experience throughout Lapland

Large kitchens do not feed their customers with wooden soup ladles, but an efficient everyday life requires robust, durable devices. Large kitchens serve large customer masses from morning to evening, so the selected machines also have to cope with high stress. Kylmin Oy sells, installs, and services large kitchen equipment for municipalities and service centers in Rovaniemi and throughout Lapland.

We do our work professionally and efficiently, saving the customer's time and expenses. An operationally reliable, high-quality, and serviced device consumes less energy and doesn't eat into the repair budget.

Our large kitchen equipment brands are Dieta and Electrolux, ensuring a smooth daily routine both in the kitchen and for those enjoying its offerings. In our work, we value both quality and speed equally, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

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Device maintenance always on-site

Kitchen machines are usually so large that delivering them for separate maintenance is difficult. We do the tasks throughout the Lapland region always on-site. Delivered directly to the large kitchen, you also get the devices we sell.

You can arrange for individual maintenance or inspection visits as well as longer maintenance agreements according to your needs. We also help in case of unexpected faults, ensuring that the troops are fed again without old-fashioned gadgets.

Kylmin Oy's headquarters are in Rovaniemi, but we serve customers throughout the Lapland region. We are an authorized Electrolux sales and service company.

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