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Laundry equipment and services with pure experience throughout Lapland

In industrial laundries, machines work many times longer days than humans. For this reason, machines must withstand continuous use and there's no room for the exhaustion of their robust power.

Kylmin Oy sells, installs, and services quality laundry machines in Rovaniemi and throughout Lapland. Our main customers are municipalities and service centers to whom we sell and install both washing machines and tumble dryers and cabinets.

We search for and design the best possible laundry equipment solution for the customer, emphasizing carefully selected machines and space that serves its purpose. We deliver devices that we can stand behind, even when we don't install them.

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We recommend regular maintenance of laundry equipment

Because its importance grows in professional use. Precision maintenance extends the life of the equipment and thus also reduces company costs in the long run. A reliable laundry device is also a cheap insurance for occupational safety, as at worst, non-functional machines can be dangerous for workers or otherwise complicate work and reduce efficiency.

We perform tasks with the skill brought by 30 years of experience efficiently both as agreed preventive maintenance and in case of sudden damage. A professional's work guarantees purely better operational reliability for the device. The work also has a warranty.

Kylmin Oy acts as an authorized Electrolux sales and service company, and we serve from Rovaniemi throughout Lapland. You can arrange for individual visits as well as longer maintenance agreements according to your needs.

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